Abracadabra! 2022 The Magic of YPO

After a false start, we’re back for the eighth installment of Abracadabra! The 4.96 (out of 5) rated program that adds the magic of YPO to the wonders of Disney.  And we think we could all use something like this to look forward to.

Abracadabra! The Magic of YPO will transport you into an inspiring world like no other. Set your imagination in motion and leap into an unforgettable journey. Share your child’s limitless optimism and sense of wonder as together you suspend disbelief and live in the moment. The joy is in seeing it all through their eyes. So, relax, be present and enjoy the journey.

With us you will experience five seamless days of Disney fun, without any of the headaches of planning and preparation. Be forewarned though: this one is not for the faint of heart. Each day starts off with a rousing, members-only event to kick-start your heart. Then it’s off to explore the parks with another YPO family and your very own Disney VIP Guide, who knows Disney World inside and out, and will make sure you ride every ride and see every show you desire. And each night, we’ll top it off with another Only-in-YPO show-stopping event, designed and planned just for you. It’s that simple.

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4401 Floridian Way
Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32830-8451
(407) 824-3000

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